What expenses does the iGeneration Foundation (IGF) Scholarship Programme cover?
IGF Scholars receive a comprehensive full (4 year) scholarship equivalent to the costs associated with earning a Bachelors degree, which includes travel (2 round trips per year from Tbilisi to Limerick), tuition, visa, housing at University of Limerick (UL) campus, living expenses (stipend), TOEFL or IELTS fee and books.
Must IGF Scholars return to their home country?
IGF Scholars are not required to return to the home country.
Does iGeneration provide career support after the Scholars return to home country?
iGeneration does not take responsibility for providing jobs to the IGF Scholars.
May IGF Scholars work while on campus?
Consequently we strongly advise scholars not to work on or off-campus but envisage that they might wish to pursue internship opportunities in Ireland and/or Georgia which are closely aligned with their research or academic interests.
How many Scholars will be selected?
iGeneration will fund up to 2 Scholars per year.
What courses will be sponsored under the scholarship scheme at the UL?

Kemmy Business School:

  • Bachelor of Business Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Business

Faculty of Science & Engineering:

  • Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Management & Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Energy
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Physics
  • Bachelor of Science – Science Choice
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical & Industrial Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Biochemistry
  • Bachelor of Science in Product Design & Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Aided Engineering & Design
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic & Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering – Engineering Choice
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Biochemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Design & Manufacturing

Interdisciplinary Programmes:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Law & Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics & Mathematical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Technology Management
Does iGeneration provide scholarships for Graduate studies?
iGeneration provides Scholarships for Bachelors only.
How do students apply?
Applicants should apply to the UL as per usual application procedures. Applicants also should complete a supplementary Undergraduate IGF Scholarship Programme Application. Detailed instructions are available via How to Apply.

Does a student have to apply to both The IGF Scholarship Programme and to UL?
Yes, applicants should apply for admission and send all required documents to University of Limerick. Detailed instructions are available via How to Apply.

What exactly does the IGF Scholarship Programme mean by 'economically disadvantaged' students?
The iGeneration is specifically targeting students who come from the lower income Georgia families.
Can secondary school graduate apply for Scholarship?
No, a minimum of one year of Bachelor Degree study from a recognized university in Georgia is required.
What are the selection criteria for IGF Scholars at UL?
Criteria which will inform the application review process are delineated on the following page: Who can apply.
Do I have to take the TOEFL or IELTS? What standardized tests are required for admission?
International students need to provide English language proficiency. UL does not have a preference for which exam you take, either TOEFL or IELTS. Each one of the exams can be be used to provide English language proficiency. Please see here as each test has different requirements Who can apply.
Who is eligible?
Applicants must meet the specific qualifications as outlined Who can apply.
May a student apply to any other university?
No, iGeneration only sponsors Undergraduate studies only at the University of Limerick
What is the selection procedure?
Only students who receive offer from UL will be considered for the IGF Scholarships. Short-listed candidates will be contacted individually for interview.
How do I know if I am going to be interviewed?
You will be sent a letter setting out the date and venue of your interview.
What is the application submission deadline?
Applications for UL admission and IGF Scholarship with all supporting academic materials should be received by UL no later than 1 June 2016.
When will I know if I’m shortlisted?
UL will notify shortlisted applicants by 22 June 2016.
When will I know if I’m awarded a scholarship?
Awardee decision due date is 10 July 2014.