My wife Kety and I strongly believe that good education is one of the key ingredients for success in life.

Education was indeed the key factor in shaping my life. In the mid 1990’s my parents (Zura Gilauri and Nana Pantskhava) decided to allocate all of their capital to my brother’s and my education at the University of Limerick in Ireland.

Their determination and sacrifice changed our lives. For years I have been thinking how to repay this generosity to my parents and realised that the only way is to give a similar opportunity to today’s young generation, whose families cannot afford education, in the same way my parents supported me.

Therefore, I decided through iGeneration to give an opportunity up to two Georgian students per year to study at the University of Limerick, the place where I received the education that changed my life.

Irakli Gilauri
Founder and Chairman